With extensive knowledge and expertise our sales staff is equipped to provide our customers with the ideal possible trip ever. Let us recommend what is best!

Exceptional sales staff

With unique talents and knowledge, our team of selected guides in Costa Rica will share the best travel experiences you can have.

Extraordinary Guides!


Meeting our local people will change your view and perspective of life! We are the best connection to these cultural approaches.

Transformative Experiences.


We will customized your itineraries according to your budget, from nice and rustic lodges in the remote locations to high-end boutique hotel in exotic beaches.

Adaptable and flexible.


Our sales team is constantly discovering new tours and activities! We do all year round exploratory trips to learn more about what Costa Rica can offer. New properties such as the unique Chayote Lodge are being added regularly to our list of local partners.

Constantly innovating

Costa Rica Sun Tours is fully committed to working with and supporting travel agencies. We are proud to represent the very best travel companies in the industry. Our thorough destination knowledge and exceptional customer service set us apart. Customizing trips which satisfy all types of clients is what we do best, from family friendly tours to luxury touring opportunities. We have many award-winning guides. Our goal is always to offer transformative, memorable and unique travel experiences to your clients.
We understand the importance of surpassing your clients’ expectations and that they have the best vacation ever. We look forward to working with you.

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