Let’s go Glamping!

Known as Glamping, Glamorous Camping is global trend that has arrived to Costa Rica. Glamping is a lodging option that combines the thrill of the outdoors but without sacrificing the comfort of a traditional resort. José Carlos Brenes, our International Sales Supervisor recently visited Isla Chiquita, a beautiful new hotel located in the Gulf of Nicoya with a unique style and the simplicity of down-to-earth happiness. Published on September 4th, 2017

Is whale watching season in Costa Rica!

At Costa Rica Sun Tours, we recognize the importance of getting staff out of the office and on tour for the experience and a whole lot of fun - a benefit for all! Following is a quote from Carmen Bruni, our Marketing Director, who had the immense pleasure of joining a whale watching tour! Whale watching season in Costa Rica starts again!

Home Lunches, A Taste of Our Culture

One of our most exclusive experiences! Travelers enjoy an authentic opportunity to visit a local’s home, see how they live and learn about them, and relish a homecooked Costa Rican meal!

Costa Rica: Booking Direct vs. Travel Expert – A True Story

Travelers these days find it easy to book a trip to Costa Rica online. There is lots of information out there, they have friends whom have traveled to the country and are now ‘expert’s and they question why they should pay more to book with a tour company. When planning and booking a trip we often do not think that something might go wrong. But if it does what then?? Vacation time is precious! If your clients are traveling with kids, on their honeymoon, or wedding anniversary, I would think that safety and reliability, and having someone at the destination that can provide assistance if needed should be worth paying a bit more for… What happened to the Clarks is a true story that just occurred. We hope it helps you illustrate to your client why booking through a tour operator is worth it!

Hidden Spots of Costa Rica: Corcovado National Park

Located on the Osa Peninsula, in the south Pacific of Costa Rica the Corcovado National Park is one of the most amazing places Costa Rica has to offer, 429 square kilometers of protected forest, part of the Osa Conservation Area; National Geographic has called it "the most biologically intense place on Earth in terms of biodiversity". Not only is the park very popular with tropical ecologists, a visitor can expect to see an abundance of wildlife. it is not easy to get to Corcovado,that's one of the reasons why it remains "of the beaten path".

Liberia Airport: A few helpful directions

We have noted that some visitors have trouble understanding how the airport works and where our representatives are going to be waiting for them, so we want you to have this information as clear as posible to guarantee the satisfaction of your clients.

Jewels of The Central Valley & Manuel Antonio

Discover the combination of modern luxury travel and tropical wonderland in Costa Rica. Our Costa Rica “Deluxe & Unique End of the Year in Costa Rica” begins in the middle of lush coffee plantations and tropical fruit orchards overlooking the Central Valley at the exclusive Xandari Resort & Spa.

Unforgettable Costa Rica

We invite you to learn about "Unforgettable Costa Rica" a campaign that contributes to the protection of children and adolescents from sexual commercial exploitation linked to travel and tourism

Elegant Euphonia

Elegant Euphonia is probably one of the most beautiful perching bird of Costa Rica. “An unmistakable bird with a lovely powder-blue cap” is the description Richard Garrigues gives in the Birds of Costa Rica book.

Driver Guide Sevice

As part of our Transformative, Merorable & Unique Travel Experiences, We offer you the ultimate in a transfer service.

Family Adventures

Costa Rica Sun Tours can organize family vacations suitable for all ages. From young children to teens, parents and grandparents we can create an unforgettable experience for everyone. Each family adventure can be designed to accommodate activities you can share and individual interests too. From family hikes to a dramatic active volcano; to an exhilarating zip-line canopy tour for your teenager; to wildlife spotting for the budding nature photographer in your family; Costa Rica Sun can organize it all!

Adventure Travel In Costa Rica

When you look at the geography of Costa Rica and wealth of natural features you would think it was designed by an adventure traveler. Go rafting on the Pacuare rive, enjoy a kayaking adventure in Tortuguero National Park take surfing lessons in Manuel Antonio National Park, enjoy the thrill of Zip line or canyoning, we can plan the adventure of a lifetime

Special Occasions

Are you an individual or a group of friends with a specific interest such as hiking, ornithology, botany, biking, rafting or photography? Would you be interested in learning Spanish or volunteering at a national park or a private nature reserve? Do you have a son or daughter studying abroad and wish to join them for a weekend or weeklong trip? We can customize an itinerary for you to visit sites and participate in activities that will best match your interests. We will arrange for a specialized guide or local expert to conduct the tour or be a guest lecturer. Contact us and see what fascinating itineraries we can develop for you!

Educational Trips

Travel to Costa Rica is a Memorable and Unique Travel Experience, an excellent opportunity for high school or college students to learn more about the world around them. Being immersed in a Spanish culture is an invaluable lesson in language, watching lava pour down a volcano’s slopes is an unforgettable geology lesson, and hiking in a tropical rainforest is the ultimate class in natural history. Meeting Costa Ricans and sampling local foods will enhance one’s understanding of other cultures

photography exhibition

Our colleague Leonardo Chaves have been working for two years with the young students of a very marginal community in San Jose (La Carpio) sharing his passion on photography. Finally, after great efforts, their first Read more…