“And what are your plans for Christmas?” –is the question I have been asked this year so many times as never before. My reply: “On the 24th I have to work, in the evening I am going to have a nice meal with a friend and on the 25th we spend the whole day at the beach, some surfing lessons perhaps included.” –this answer is only possible because this year I spend Christmas in Costa Rica.

The similar things about Christmas time here in Costa Rica compared to the time in Germany are, that there are Christmas lights blinking and sparkling everywhere, in the streets, in stores and in houses. Moreover almost every family puts up a tree and in the radio a lot of Christmas songs are played. But the big difference to Germany exist in things like that the Christmas lights here in Costa Rica start blinking a lot more colorful that I am used to and already in the end of November not only in the streets and at home, but at work, too. Furthermore the trees are often artificial and not natural ones and are put up already in the beginning of December, and not just one or two days before Christmas Eve. And the Christmas songs you can listen to in the radio sometimes are the typical popular Christmas songs, but here most of the time you hear songs with Salsa rhythm. Especially without the snow, the cold and uncomfortable weather, the Christmas markets and the typical warm drink “Gluehwein”, it is hard for me to realize that we already have December and that Christmas is coming soon.
But even when it is different, I am so glad to be here to see how Ticos celebrate Christmas, especially that it is possible to go to the seaside due to the nice and warm climate and that I don´t have to worry about whether we will have a white Christmas or not.

Next question followed by the Christmas question “What are your plans for New Year´s Eve then?” and then I can reply happily: “My best friend is going to visit me and we celebrate this special occasion in Panama, at the Caribbean Sea!” But this is another story…


Árbol de Navidad

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