Costa Rica Ranks High as a Tourist Destination in the Eyes of the International Travel Industry

A 2010 study by the prestigious international consultant, FutureBrand, and the British Broadcasting Company (BBC) in London revealed that as a recognized tourist destination in the industry, Costa Rica ranked first place among Latin American countries and placed 27th overall out of 110 nations with its trademark slogan “Without artificial ingredients.” The phrase was coined and is promoted by the Costa Rican Institute of Tourism in reference to Costa Rica’s diverse natural beauty in the form of forests, mountains, volcanoes, abundant wildlife, beautiful beaches and coastal year-round tropical warm weather.

The collaborative report between FutureBrand and the BBC (the largest news broadcasting company in the world) revealed that Costa Rica’s position at No. 27 ranked ahead of all other Latin American nations such as Argentina (33), Chile (40), Brazil (41), Peru (47), Belize (46), Mexico (48), Panama (67), Guatemala (85), Nicaragua (98) and El Salvador (105) out of the 110 analyzed.

These results were obtained after consulting more than 3,400 international tourist companies and tourists from 13 countries on five continents, with focus groups in 14 different metropolitan areas worldwide. The first four places in the list were Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United States, respectively.             The study assessed recognition and interest in the 110 countries through their promotional material using criteria in different categories: knowledge of and ranking of their promotional slogans; qualities people think of when they hear, read, or see the name of a country; preference for the country; consideration of the country as a possible destination to visit; if the customer decided to and visited the country, and finally would the visitor recommend the country to other potential tourists.            FutureBrand experts indicate that a country’s positive image as a tourist destination must be carefully protected, for its success catering to visitors will attract more travelers even in times of economic difficulties.

FutureBrand is a consultant based in 24 countries, and promotes trademark concepts for Mexico, Singapore, Peru, Australia, Saint Lucia, and Qatar, among others.

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Sustainable Tourism

We are once again proud to announce that we have been certified with 4 leaves by the ICT and the Sustainable Tourism Committee, revalidating the same category we had obtained 3 years ago when we were one of the first seven Tour Operators to be certified. As the certification program has grown and more Operators have gone through the process, the standards are continuously raised, which gives even greater value to the high marks obtained. We will continue to put our best effort forward towards operating and teaching our guests about sustainable travel practices.



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