Costa Rica will host the 1. ° and 3 November the Second International Conference Planet, People and Peace (P3 ), with the presence of at least 25 experts in sustainable tourism .
The goal of the conference is to convene both national and international recognized leaders in order to share strategies, best practices, challenges and opportunities in the tourism industry, with the intention of offering companies, organizations, professionals and governmental agencies practical tools to help make tourism a sustainable activity, and to reaffirm the important role that Costa Rica has assumed on a global level.


The structure of the conference also is a direct response to the elements directly related to sustainable tourism and the modern day tendency to reflect upon our own existence. They are elements that we share without social, political or economic distinctions; we are dependent on them for our very existence and that of future generations. Motivated by this conviction, P3 is composed of four principle segments or thematic ideas that are based on:

WATER: prime matter from which all life originated and on whose essence the very existence of human beings living on this planet depends.

EARTH: represents the common roots of all society, from where man learned to cultivate and appreciate the multiple benefits derived from it; from the simple contemplation of the landscape, to the production of his food and shelter.

FIRE: from which our society is transformed and which has allowed us to evolve while keeping in mind that every known entity has positive and negative aspects.

AIR: is the mixture of gases that form the atmosphere around which the earth revolves and is essential for life on the planet. It is light and travels freely without the possibility of being detained.

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