Driver Guide Services

As part of our Transformative, Merorable & Unique  Travel Experiences,  Costa Rica Sun tours offer you our Driver Guides,  the ultimate in a transfer service, our drivers are trained bilingual naturalist guide who will be more like a knowledgeable travel companion who treats you to a mini-day tour while you travel.  With this service, your driver guide will maximize your travel experience. En route he will share his national culture with you, its history, and explain the sights en route, be it a crop in a roadside field, or wildlife en route. In addition he will bring important materials such as pertinent field guides, binoculars and a spotting scope to view up-close interesting distant or arboreal wildlife. This tour has the most flexibility in travel time, stops and allows you to even enjoy taking occasional short side-trips that will enhance the journey. All driver-guides speak English.

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