horseback ride

horseback ride


Come take a horseback ride through Ario Ranch. A family owned and operated ranch protecting one of Costa Rica´s most important watersheds including key turtle nesting habitat and the Caletas-Ario Nature Reserve. Enjoy a natural landscape of rivers mountains and beaches accompanied by local cowboys maintaining local customs and traditions. Learn the names of the flora and fauna from the vantage point of your saddle. Witness the spectacular sunsets that grace the area with your family and friends.


Rides are suitable for children and custom packages are available upon request.

Leave feeling connected, content and part of the Ario Ranch Experience.

Share an unforgettable experience riding on a deserted beach and spectacular natural landscapes of rivers, mountains and forest accompanied by local cowboys and a bilingual nature guide.

.  For reservations please contact your sales representative at Costa Rica Sun Tours or at


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Special Occasions

Are you an individual or a group of friends with a specific interest such as hiking, ornithology, botany, biking, rafting or photography? Would you be interested in learning Spanish or volunteering at a national park or a private nature reserve? Do you have a son or daughter studying abroad and wish to join them for a weekend or weeklong trip? We can customize an itinerary for you to visit sites and participate in activities that will best match your interests. We will arrange for a specialized guide or local expert to conduct the tour or be a guest lecturer. Contact us and see what fascinating itineraries we can develop for you!


Alex Arias

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