Are you starting to think of your New Year’s Resolutions and Goals for 2013?  Mine go along the lines of…..

  • Be happy
  • Be healthy
  • Be strong
  • Challenge myself
  • Meet new people
  • Spend more time with loved ones
  • Travel
  • Have new experiences

Jose Carlos

My friends Jose and Marco just came back from an immensely satisfying weekend in Monteverde, only 3 hours from San Jose. They came back to the office so ecstatic from their adventures in Monteverde, it’s contagious.  If they feel so happy now from only a weekend in Monteverde, I think my New Year’s Resolutions and Goals may be satisfied with a visit to the glorious mountains and caring people of Monteverde.

While Jose went to the Extreme Adventure Park for some bungee jumping off a cable car that goes between two mountains and has a height of 143 meters, Marco dropped from the heights with a mega tarzan swing through the air. They visited an exquisite orchid garden, had delicious homemade pastries at Café de Orquideas (a cheesecake with fresh blackberry mouse, a coconut/pineapple pie and a three layered mousse cake of passion fruit, strawberries and blackberries), hiked the transcendental paths of the reserve and stayed in the blissful, newly renovated Swiss chalet style Hotel Belmar.

Jose’s comments of his bungee tour are… “One of the most electrifying experiences I have ever done; the most adrenaline in one single adventure tour. The views of the canyon are dramatic with a stunning rainbow as a backdrop. The guides were very professional and make sure one feels comfortable and secure. I’d definitely try it again. Recommended for those adrenaline seekers and fearless adventurous.” 

Marco Fallas, Jose y Marco Thomas

Jose came back so happy from his trip, that he said he’d even think of living in Monteverde. Marco, instead was infatuated by the microscopic details and colors of the orchids he saw and the delicious desserts he savored with his espresso coffee.

After listening to these two friends speak, I am convinced that Monteverde is a must visit when traveling to Costa Rica.  I am definitely adding it to my agenda of To Do’s for 2013.  Will you?

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