One of our most exclusive experiences! Travelers enjoy an authentic opportunity to visit a local’s home, see how they live and learn about them, and relish a homecooked Costa Rican meal!

We all know that there is nothing quite like a home-cooked meal to bring people together and form connections. When traveling to foreign places, it can be a challenge to really immerse yourself into a local culture unless you know the right people! At Costa Rica Sun Tours, we make every effort to share these cultural exchanges with our guests – leading them off the beaten track to meet the people that make the place. Not an experience you’d find on Yelp or Trip Advisor!

What better way to remove boundaries than being invited into a local family’s home to share a delicious and typical homemade meal – sometimes even being invited to participate in the cooking! Costs Rica Sun Tours’ exclusive home lunches all for guests to freely experience the essence of country life in the most unspoiled natural landscapes with warm hosts and plenty of Costa Rican flavor!

One such family is that of Doña Miriam Adanis who invites guests into her home in Tarcoles, a small town on the Pacific. After great morning of activity on the water, or exploring the lowland coastal forest on foot, being welcomed to her lovely abode is a really special treat.

Doña Miriam lives with her husband Urbano and daughter Yahaira. One wonderfully fateful day 14 years ago, a beloved guide of Costa Rica Sun Tours, Marco “Tex” Fallas, was in the area following feeding scarlet macaws when they led him to a beautiful canopy of tropical almond trees in front of her house. Marco couldn’t resist the smell of her cooking, noticed her home was spotless, and promptly asked her if she would be interested in cooking meals for guests. With the support of her family (many of whom work in tourism including her son Fernando, who is head chef at Villa Caletas!) she said yes! The rest of the story is one for the recipe books! The feedback has been so positive from both sides, she’s welcomed sharing meals with CRST’s guests and guides for 14 years!

Of course, you’re wondering just what savory meals you might enjoy! Doña Miriam’s most famous recipe is a toss-up between her seafood plate and fresh sea bass wrapped and cooked in banana leaves.  In addition, other favorites include “pinto con tortillas” and rice with shrimp. She also has a traditional clay over to make pizzas as back-up for those pickier eaters not as enthusiastic to try local foods.
The icing on the cake? Her “dulce de coco” or “cajeta de coco,” of course! This sweet treat is made with condensed milk, vanilla, cloves, cinnamon, lemon peel, and sugar – and best washed down with a flavorful cup of Costa Rican coffee!

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