La Fortuna Waterfall

Are you creating plans for a vacation trip to Costa Rica? Do you want to experience the wonders of a rainforest, volcano, or a beautiful tropical beach during your travels? Well, follow these instructions in our “Recipe” for a fantastic vacation:

1- start with a desire for adventure!!

2- add:
• world renowned rainforests
• mountain ranges which contain 6 active volcanoes and numerous extinct craters
• natural thermal hot springs which you can enter into for a relaxing hot bath
• cascading waterfalls from crystalline mountain rivers
• challenging white water rafting or zipline rides above and through forest treetops
• miles of quiet tropical beaches
• incredible colorful birds and wildlife

3- mix with:
warn friendly people, accomodations geared to satisfy nearly any budget, an experienced tourism industry that offers a variety of services, amazing destinations within short distances, ample infrastructure, local services available for travel by land, sea, or air…

blend the above with support from our professional staff for the

4- result:
a unique & pura vida experience!!!

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