A recent exploration to the south of Dominical, took us to revisit a hotel we use and highly recommend, La Cusinga Lodge.

This hotel has breathtaking views of the famous tombolo or whale tail of the Marino Ballena National Park. From late July to October its possible to see south pacific Humpbacks Whales, right form the observation deck and restaurant! And from December to April, though in less numbers, Humpbacks from the north are commonly sighted too.

Hiking La Cusingas’ superb trail system is a unique experience as its the only hotel bordering the National Park Marino Ballenas’ lush rainforest! You will feel like on a private park just for yourself, hiking next to giant garlic and milk trees among others, that provide food for abundan tropical wildlife like howler monkeys, sloths, whitefaced capuchin, agoutis, coatis, scarlet macaws and chesnut-mandibled toucans.


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New regulations for ‪Manuel Antonio National Park‬ only allowed to enter with the following foods: