Leo Chaves - Costa Rica

Leo Chaves - Naturalist tour leader

One of the best and most knowledgeable tour leaders in Costa Rica, Leo has spent nearly 10 years giving training courses for tour leaders at the national level.

With nearly 20 years of experience as a naturalist tour leader, Leo’s knowledge encompasses the broad field of natural history with birds being his favorite subject. Over the years he has written a number of short articles about Costan Rican Birds that have been published in ornithological journals in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Costa Rica.

This amiable and highly-respected travel leader enjoys giving nature tours to student groups, family tours, and naturalist groups. His nature travels outside Costa Rica have led him through several national parks in the United States, to the Andes and the Amazon in Ecuador, Panama, and to watch polar bears in Churchill, Canada.

An excellent teacher, Leo’s expertise in natural history combined with his modest personality, gentle sense of humor and passion for the natural environment make him the perfect choice for travelers who are birders and/or interested in learning about the many fascinating wonders of Costa Rica’s great outdoors.

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