Onik, loves biology, nature and guiding. She recently received her B.A. degree in Biology and now is pursuing her Master’s degree with an emphasis on Environmental Interpretation and special interest in birds. Onik grew up in a large 5 acre forested residential in the outskirts of San Jose, building tree houses, leading into gymnastics and an undying fascination for nature. She has camped at almost every corner of Costa Rica. Her travels include visits to the U.S.A., Asia, Europe, Africa and her favorite the Galapagos Islands. Her pastimes are music, dancing and even a little soccer.

Onik, our tour guide at Costa Rica Sun Tours received the following compliments from one of our very caring clients….

“Hola Onik!
I wanted to drop you an email and express my appreciation for your tour. The few words I spoke when we said goodbye don’t seem adequate.
Last night I went to a fundraiser for injured birds of prey, and spoke with my Audubon Society friends about Costa Rica. One had taken a birding trip there and said it was “all birding, all the time.” When I described my trip and the broad range of interpretation you provided, they were envious!
I do love birds, but I am interested in lots of things and enjoy doing activities too. I was hoping for an active trip and a chance see birds and enjoy nature along the way. Your interpretation was perfect. You helped us understand about not only birds, but animals, trees, plants, insects, spiders, amphibians, reptiles, fruit, food, indigenous peoples, farming, history, geology, and even some politics. Your range of knowledge is amazing, and your enthusiasm is infectious. Because of you, the trip was much more than I had hoped for!
Signing up for a trip as a single is taking a chance. Before the trip, I sent my sister the trip description and she read your biography. She said, “What a great trip and your guide is a birder! What good fortune!” She was so right. I feel so fortunate to have been blessed with the friendly people that were on our tour, and especially blessed with you as our leader. I really appreciated your thoughtful kindness many times, in stepping up to be a travel companion – taking pictures of me, sitting with me, sharing a kayak, early morning birding, calling my attention to things you knew would interest me, etc. You probably see it as just part of your job, but it meant a lot to me and I did appreciate it. You remind me of my youngest niece, full of happy energy that people like to be around. Maria was right – your parents did a good job raising you.
This trip was special in another way. My father passed away in October last year at age 95, and he left a little inheritance that allowed me to afford this. He loved to travel, and he would have been excited to hear about my adventures in Costa Rica. I felt his presence at times, as when we were looking for the ferruginous pygmy owl calling in Silencio. He was good at finding owls. My youngest niece had a special place in his heart, and so I think he was enjoying your company along with me.
I have been going through my photos and journal notes, fixing things in my memory. I would like to take you up on your offer and send you a few questions. Later on, I will have some photos to share too. Thank you so much!

Pura Vida!


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