La Nacion, December 15,2010
By Liz Marie Salas, Executive Management Assistant

More and more we talk about caring for our environment, our planet … but do we actually do something? Do we give it the importance it deserves? As a “green country”, recognized worldwide for our ecology, we must have consistent practices and further commit towards preserving our natural wealth. We must use our resources wisely and honor the fact that our country is a leader in ecological protection, promotion and legislation.

Both as individuals and corporately we are challenged to find concrete actions that express the environmental commitment we feel, that cause an impact and at the same time multiply the benefits.

However, finding these opportunities can be difficult at times.  Difficult, but not impossible!  Friends of the National Parks, is an example of a program that is both responsible and committed towards environmental sustainability. Because of the program’s significance our decision to support it was immediate.

Supporting the National Parks. This program created by ProParques, Fundecor and the Costa Rican Park Service, offers tourism companies and visitors to the national parks the opportunity to directly support both park rangers and the protected areas.  Park rangers are benefited because, among others, the program has bought uniforms for them, provides academic courses, and teaches them English.  Parks are benefited with improvements to infrastructure, such as trails, restrooms, interpretation and Internet access.

Friends of the National Parks is a practical solution; one where there are only winners.  Not only will the national parks and the parks rangers benefit from this program, visitors will benefit as well because of the improvements that this program guarantees and the personal satisfaction of knowing they left a mark and a meaningful contribution in favor of the country’s protected areas.  It also implies an advantage for all companies who work with tourism because the program promotes and protects the country’s main tourist attraction.

This process creates a positive impact in businesses that are committed with environmental friendly practices and in each individual who is willing to implement them personally, consequently in his/her home and community as well.

The importance of diligently looking after our natural resources and protecting biodiversity is not just for our immediate use, it has an ulterior motive, to leave behind a better environment for future generations.

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