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Administration of Protected Areas

With the objective of motivating themselves and improving their labor skills, 24 national park guards are entering in the final stages of a program to graduate in the career of administration of protected areas this month.

This effort, which benefits employees of the 11 conservation areas of the country, is a joint initiative of the National System of Conservation Areas (Sinac in Spanish), and the University for International Cooperation (UCI) and the ProParks organization.

“This resulted from a petition from Sinac, due to the needs that exist to train future administrators of the protected areas”, stated Rocío Echeverri, executive director of ProParks.

The Project developed in 2009, with the objective to give the park guards better acedemic tools to complement their ample [work] experience.

“Many of us have years of experience working in the national parks, however, without doubt, the academic concepts given will expand our knowledge and permit us to advance into other fields that we previously were not prepared for” stated Fabio Arias, who worked in the National Park of Arenal Volcano and Wildlife Refuge of  Caño Negro.

To permit the guards to study without affecting their work schedules, the courses are designed to be part-time.  For example, the program is given in bi-monthly modules, of a theoretical-practical character, The technique consists of virtual classes (by Internet) y field trips.  “For the themes and the nature of the studies, it is important to give the courses in our protected areas”, explained Franklin Marín of the UCI.

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