pre-columbiam stone sphere

pre-columbiam stone sphere

There are non-scientific explanations for the origin of the stone spheres. Some consider them as remnants of a lost continent, signs from aliens or magnetic compasses for long-distance navigation. Such proposals have not scientific bases since all available information indicates that they are objects manufactured and used by the ancient indigenous populations that inhabited the region during A.D400–1550 Stone spheres are unique in the world. In southwestern Costa Rica, from A.D.800 to 1300, there was a growth in the size and complexity of indigenous villages. At the same time, regional differences were more distinctive. Principal Chiefs controlled large territories with lesser chiefs under their authority.The indigenous society was headed by an elite that controlled the economic, political and ceremonial activities. For example, regional exchange, access to special resources such as gold-carrying rivers, and the construction of public works. Also, there were specialized artisans in gold and stone art crafts, warriors and farmers.


In the Diquis Delta, the area with the largest concentration, stone spheres have been found nearby or next to dwellings. They are also clustered in open spaces (plazas) and passage areas.

How were the spheres made?


The almost perfect shape and the polished surface of the almost 300 recorded spheres are clear evidence that they were manufactured was a specialized endeavour.


In the process, stone tools like hammers, chisels and pointers were used. The basic from was first reached through direct carving; then the spheres were smoothed out, polished and in some cases drawings were carved in their surfaces.

In order to determine the cost in time and effort in the manufacture of a sphere, some of the elements that need to be considered are: the type of stone used its size and the polishing stage reached, as well as the type of tools employed and the technical dexterity of the artisans.

Sphere Sets

Some of the groups of spheres were arranged in lines or triangles. The alignments were located in archaeological sites. Unfortunately, most of these clusters were removed and only some drawings and pictures are preserved.


The used and position of the stone spheres served to form cultural landscapes by locating the spheres according to specific measurements and orientations. It is probable that there arrangements changed over time and in some moments were part of rituals and collective practices.

Why were the spheres aligned?

Sitio Finca 6

It has been proposed that the sphere clusters could represent constellations, according to indigenous vision, or related to sunrise and sunsets in specific moments of the year. However, this has not yet been proved.


The spheres are part of our archaeological patrimony, some of the more outstandings elements in the acheology of Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Sun Tours has over 2 years visiting and taking people to Finca 6, our idea is generate a new consciousness and sense of value with regard to Cultural Patrimony and contribute to the appropriation of the Pre-Columbian past as part of our identity

Finca 6 is the place where the Stone Spheres are now protected throught the work of the National Museum, organized groups nearby communities and indigenous territories and the contribution of public and private institutions..

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