Privileged regions of Costa Rica

Why not visit Costa Rica off the beaten path?  Discover the unforgettable tropical rainforests of the Maquenque National Wildlife Refuge and stay at the Maquenque Eco Lodge.  A local family, Canoa Adventure and a Swiss family have created the jungle lodge to maintain and conserve wildlife habitat.  The lodge is based inside the reserve and borders the majestic San Carlos River.  Not to be missed is

Lagostinos Cuyito's bar

Cuyito’s bar, one of many secret places known to our guides, with local food in Costa Rica.  If you are traveling to the area of Boca Tapada, you must try these delicious langoustines with butter and garlic, the best in the whole are!!!!!

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Jewels of The Central Valley & Manuel Antonio

Discover the combination of modern luxury travel and tropical wonderland in Costa Rica. Our Costa Rica “Deluxe & Unique End of the Year in Costa Rica” begins in the middle of lush coffee plantations and tropical fruit orchards overlooking the Central Valley at the exclusive Xandari Resort & Spa.


Unforgettable Costa Rica

We invite you to learn about "Unforgettable Costa Rica" a campaign that contributes to the protection of children and adolescents from sexual commercial exploitation linked to travel and tourism