Red crowned Woodpecker

The Red-crowned Woodpecker (Melanerpes rubricapillus) is a resident breeding bird from southwestern Costa Rica to Colombia,   picture by our Guide Alex arias on the Turtles Whales and Dolphinsalso other tours where you could find this bird would be  Corcovado Adventure With Aguila De Osa 4D/3N and Tiskita Jungle Lodge

This woodpecker occurs in forests and semi-open woodland and cultivation. It nests in a hole in a dead trees.

Adults are 20.5 cm long and weigh 48g. They have a zebra-barred black and white back and wings and a white rump. The tail is black with some white barring, and the underparts are pale buff-brown.

The male has a red crown patch and nape. The female has a buff crown and duller nape. Immature birds are duller, particularly in the red areas of the head and neck. M. r. terricolor of Tobago is larger and darker-breasted than the nominate race.

Red-crowned Woodpeckers feed on insects, but will take fruit and visit nectar feeders.

This common and conspicuous species gives a rattling krrrrrl call and both sexes drum on territory.



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