O.T.S. La selva Sarapiqui

O.T.S. La Selva   Day Tour. Guided tour of the Organization for Tropical Studies field station La Selva. La Selva is an internationally recognized center for tropical rainforest research and education. Scientists, students, and natural history visitors from around the world come to discover, learn, and experience the extraordinary richness of its dynamic forest. With a strong base in systematic biology and evolutionary ecology, research at La Selva has diversified to include ecosystem level studies, bio diversity inventories, global change research, soil science, and applied forestry. Within the Station one can find over half of all the bird species native to the country, sloth, howler monkeys, butterflies, amphibians and reptiles

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Elegant Euphonia is probably one of the most beautiful perching bird of Costa Rica. “An unmistakable bird with a lovely powder-blue cap” is the description Richard Garrigues gives in the Birds of Costa Rica book.


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White-winged Doves are large, chunky pigeons at 29 cm. They are brownish-gray above and gray below, with a bold white wing patch that appears as a brilliant white crescent in flight and is also visible at rest. Adults have a patch of blue, featherless skin around each eye and a long, dark mark on the lower face. Their eyes are bright crimson. The sexes are similar, but juveniles are more brown than adults. They have no blue eye ring and their legs and feet are brighter pink/red. Young also have brown eyes. Males have a slight iridescent sheen on their heads.