Costa Rica’s goal is to become ‘Carbon Neutral’ by the year 2021. Being carbon neutral means the country can match its emissions of cabon dioxide (CO2) with equal amounts of oxygen and thus, not increase the greenhouse effect or cause climate change.

This past October 2012 a group of representatives fr

om the public and private sector attending the 5th Carbon Fund Mtg. of the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF) in Paris met to vote on global initiatives of 54 countries and organizations, heralding a new phase in forest carbon finance.  Costa Rica’s 2021 goal to conserve forests and plant trees that capture carbon dioxide received a strong vote of support.

The Costa Rican country representatives now have the task of having to clarify a number of highly technical aspects, but the prospect of being the first country to be included in the pipeline of the FCPF Carbon Fund gives a boost to Costa Rica on its path to achieving national carbon neutrality.

To get involved, contact  and contribute with their ‘Clean Travel’ initiative.
Clean Travel is an innovative initiative offered to you by the Government of Costa Rica to help protect the country’s forests, water and biodiversity through the Payment for Environmental Services (PES).

The Ministry of Atmosphere and Energía (MINAE) by means of the Program of Payment of Environmental Services that develops the National Bottom of Financiamiento Forestal (FONAFIFO) gives faith that the resources contributed by this means will be invested according to the interest of the donor.

The mechanism is voluntary and very simple: through Clean Travel, people or companies that generate greenhouse gas emissions by using air, land, railway or maritime transportation can counterbalance this contamination by paying for it. They can do this by purchasing Environmental Services Certificates (ESC) for the amount that equals the tons of carbon emitted during their trip or through a voluntary donation for the amount they wish.

Any person, company, organization or national and international group can purchase the Environmental Services Certificates (ESC) under the category of Clean Travel.

The money raised will be invested in projects that rescue forests including those under a protection category, paying the forest owners for the environmental services they lend to keep the trees standing instead of cutting them down.

The ESC are issues by FONAFIFO, an autonomous state organization authorized by the law to execute Costa Rica’s Payment for Environmental Services Program (PES), assigned to the Ministry of the Environment and Energy (MINAE). Any amount above $100 is tax deductible.

We look forward to have you visit Costa Rica with a purpose!

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