Whinbrel (Numenius plaeopus) One of the most wide-ranging shorebirds in the world, the Whimbrel breeds in the Arctic in the eastern and western hemispheres, and migrates to South America, Africa, south Asia, and Australia. It uses its long, down-curved bill to probe deep in the sand of beaches for invertebrates, but also feeds on berries and insects.

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Travel to Costa Rica is a Memorable and Unique Travel Experience, an excellent opportunity for high school or college students to learn more about the world around them. Being immersed in a Spanish culture is an invaluable lesson in language, watching lava pour down a volcano’s slopes is an unforgettable geology lesson, and hiking in a tropical rainforest is the ultimate class in natural history. Meeting Costa Ricans and sampling local foods will enhance one’s understanding of other cultures


One day trip to Isla Tortuga with Calypso Cruises

Our Friday started with the pick-up of the company Calypso Cruises at a Hotel in San José. The bus was very comfortably and the guide explained a lot, but did not talk all the time, Read more...


Tropical Forest & Guanacaste adventure

This tour offers visitors a delightful variety from active volcanoes, to verdant tropical rainforests and sunny beaches. Departure: Jun 4-11 Regular Price: $ 1640 Special Price: $ 1435 Include: Free entrance fee to Arenal Hot Read more...