Evergreen Lodge

Only a five minute boat ride through the jungle canals to the entrance of wildlife-rich Tortugero National Park. This remote area of the Caribbean coast is accessible only by plane or by boat; nevertheless your lodging will be first class. The infrastructure of this lovely lodge is built to coexist with nature. The rainforest enhances the hotel grounds, which are truly evergreen.

This lovely lodge has 55 comfortable rooms, all are spacious, with comfortable beds, private bathrooms, hot water, and ceiling fans, swimming pool.
The property has an excellent restaurant and bar services and offer bilingual guided tours in the area.
The beautiful main dinning room with soaring ceilings provides first class meals in an atmosphere that reflects and compliments the jungle paradise surrounding it.

Evergreen Lodge
Evergreen Lodge
Evergreen Lodge

At the beginning we were looking for an infrastructure capable of coexisting with nature and environment. So we decided to build rustic cabins located inside the forest without altering the existing ecosystem of the Tortuguero National Park. By building this type of construction we took the task of preserving the rainforest in its perennifolio state (always green), that is why we choose the name Evergreen Lodge, which translated into Spanish means “siempre verde”, which reflects the interest we have in maintaining and preserving an integral relationship with nature, which cannot be jeopardized by human behavior. Sustainability is very important to us, that’s why our business is driven by sustainable practices.

Evergreen Lodge was not always as we know it now; at the beginning we only had a few rooms. Little by little important modifications were made, such as the addition of cabins and access ramps that facilitate the enjoyment and comfort of our clients. An important renovation was made in the restaurant area to increase its size. At the beginning this was just a resting area, but with the pass of time it was necessary to accommodate our increasing number of clients in a more refined atmosphere.

Hotel Amenities

  • Free wireless Internet
  • 55 rooms
  • Pool & Spa
  • Hiking Trails
  • Rainforest Canals
  • CST Certified


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