Sail through the treetops and over the trails far below you on the Canopy Safari adventure tour!  This “zip line” forest canopy tour consists of a series of platforms and cables in tall trees.  In this tour you are fitted with a harness attached to a pulley that connects to the cables and allows you to glide rapidly through the forest canopy landing on the platforms in between!  It is a lot of fun! It also gives one a completely different perspective of the forest previously available only to a few researchers and photographers. The tour includes roundtrip transfers & lunch.

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Walking Tour of San José

Get a firsthand account of contemporary Costa Rican life and an absorbing lesson about our history. The Walking City Tour is an intimate and authentic perspective of our capitol city. You interact and participate in the daily life of the city; not only seeing but hearing, tasting, smelling, and feeling the rhythm of our city. Our knowledgeable and professional guides are enthusiastic about sharing our multicultural heritage with you!


Guided Night tour MonteverdeGuided Night tour Monteverde

Night Walk tour at El Santuario Ecologico in Monteverde. enjoy an amazing and unforgettable night hike, during the tour you can see birds, tarantulas, gray foxes, snakes, insects, amphibians and many species that appear during the night


Los Campesinos Reserve

– Campesinos Reserve (full day): Driving toward the mountains of Talamanca, 45 minutes from Quepos-Manuel Antonio, is the town of Londres. After enjoying fresh fruits and coffee at Vicki’s Restaurant, we start our hike to Read more…