Traveling  to Costa Rica is a  Memorable and Unique Travel Experience, an  excellent opportunity for high school or college students to learn more about the world around them. Being immersed in a Spanish culture is an invaluable lesson in language, watching lava pour down a volcano’s slopes is an unforgettable geology lesson, and hiking in a tropical rainforest is the ultimate class in natural history. Meeting Costa Ricans and sampling local foods will enhance one’s understanding of other cultures. Add to this an adventure like a zip-line canopy tour or a surfing lesson and students will get a truly enjoyable education in becoming world citizens!

Some sample highlights of what Costa Rica has to offer for a memorable and Unique Travel Experiencies.:

  • Memorable and Unique Travel Experiencies.
  • Try a homestay with a Costa Rican family rather than a hotel. You’ll learn more about the people and their culture-and hopefully, make new friends!
  • Join in a friendly soccer game with Costa Ricans of your own age.
  • Visit a school. If the students are younger than you, bring small gifts they can use such as books, colorful marking pens, crayons, watercolor paints or a “souvenir” of your hometown.
  • Swim in rainforest pool beneath a waterfall near Arenal Volcano
  • Enjoy soaking in warm thermal springs heated by volcanic sources!
  • Join a tour planting trees and help protect our planet.
  • Take a rainforest hike to see and learn about tropical animals and rainforest plants
  • Take surf lessons at the beach.

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Family Adventures

Costa Rica Sun Tours can organize family vacations suitable for all ages. From young children to teens, parents and grandparents we can create an unforgettable experience for everyone. Each family adventure can be designed to accommodate activities you can share and individual interests too. From family hikes to a dramatic active volcano; to an exhilarating zip-line canopy tour for your teenager; to wildlife spotting for the budding nature photographer in your family; Costa Rica Sun can organize it all!


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