Traveling  to Costa Rica is a  Memorable and Unique Travel Experience, an  excellent opportunity for high school or college students to learn more about the world around them. Being immersed in a Spanish culture is an invaluable lesson in language, watching lava pour down a volcano’s slopes is an unforgettable geology lesson, and hiking in a tropical rainforest is the ultimate class in natural history. Meeting Costa Ricans and sampling local foods will enhance one’s understanding of other cultures. Add to this an adventure like a zip-line canopy tour or a surfing lesson and students will get a truly enjoyable education in becoming world citizens!

Some sample highlights of what Costa Rica has to offer for a memorable and Unique Travel Experiencies.:

  • Memorable and Unique Travel Experiencies.
  • Try a homestay with a Costa Rican family rather than a hotel. You’ll learn more about the people and their culture-and hopefully, make new friends!
  • Join in a friendly soccer game with Costa Ricans of your own age.
  • Visit a school. If the students are younger than you, bring small gifts they can use such as books, colorful marking pens, crayons, watercolor paints or a “souvenir” of your hometown.
  • Swim in rainforest pool beneath a waterfall near Arenal Volcano
  • Enjoy soaking in warm thermal springs heated by volcanic sources!
  • Join a tour planting trees and help protect our planet.
  • Take a rainforest hike to see and learn about tropical animals and rainforest plants
  • Take surf lessons at the beach.

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