Many visitors are arriving at Liberia International Airport (LIR) in Guanacaste instead of Juan Santamaría in San José (SJO). We have noted that some visitors have trouble understanding how the airport works and where our representatives are going to be waiting for them, so we want you to have this information as clear as posible to guarantee the satisfaction of your clients.

Where to meet my driver or guide at LIR?  
When you finished with customs then pick up your bags  and walk straight to the exit sign, soon you will see “Welcome to CR and a sloth picture”, proceed walking outside of the building, right on the sidewalk you will find your guide or driver  with a welcome board with your name waiting for you. If you cannot localize your guide go to your left toward some tables that belong to Café Britt shop, there you can wait.  If you feel lost, always you can call Operations Emergency number #8382-8335. Remember that many “illegal” drivers are there too, so it is important to remind you not to take any cars or advice from guys that do not have your name or aren’t properly identify.

There are options to by food inside LIR or should I buy before arrive?
There is a snack bar and a restaurant inside LIR, consider that buying food inside can be more expensive than a regular restaurant. Also you can buy food before arriving at the airport and there will be no problem with security or getting on the plane with it. However, you cannot take drinks (more than 3 oz!) even if you buy it after security, it will be confiscated before you get on the plane.

Can I go outside the airport once I have pass through security check?
No you can’t. If you arrive early you can check you luggage and go out again if you want, once you pass through security they will not, for any reason, allow you to go outside again.

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