Through continual research, feedback from our customers and on-site inspections, our planning and sales staff is equipped to provide our guests with the best possible trip.

This extensive knowledge and expertise combined with close attention to detail and creativity is the perfect mix when planning and booking your trip. Let us recommend what is best!

A well planned itinerary requires great execution to produce the perfect vacation. Our Operations Department is the team in charge of logistics and programming, and they work closely with our field staff to seamlessly deliver activities, transfers, services and flights.

With an office team of 25 and a headquarters that remains open 365 days a year, we are committed and we have the credentials to take excellent care of you.


John Aspinall - Company President

John was born in Costa Rica, and graduated from Queen’s University in Ontario, Canada. He’s been married to his wife Lisa for 28 years and they have three sons in college. He enjoys exploring new places and countries and bringing back ideas which can be implemented at the office. He feels very fortunate to have such a great staff at Costa Rica Sun Tours, which allows him to look for and get involved with new projects all the time. He likes nature and outdoor activities, squash and racquet sports. His favorite destinations in Costa Rica are Corcovado National Park, Tiskita and Arenal.

Company President

Arlene Sandí - General Manager

Arlene was born and has lived all her life in this tropical paradise, Costa Rica. She loves to travel abroad with her family in order to have new experiences, learn about different cultures and try their varied meals. Arlene likes to combine work, family and study trying to get the best out of them, enjoying every second of her life. She has collaborated with Costa Rica Sun Tours for 28 years which has allowed her to be part of this company since its origin. Due to this, she has met many people involved in tourism since a long time ago. She has taken part and has been a close witness of the positive development that Costa Rica has had on tourism throughout these years…

General Manager


Jose Carlos Brenes

Jose Carlos Brenes has worked in the Costa Rica travel industry for over 24 years which have granted him an extensive knowledge of the country and its many destinations. He started as a young professional working for local tour operators in Costa Rica, and then moved to the United States to enhance his career in the travel industry. He continues using his experience in helping and educating travelers create ideal and memorable trips. Smart consumers are looking for value and the perfect ingredients for their vacations to Costa Rica. Being Costa Rican and part of our fully committed work team, gives him an advantage to guide our customers to achieve their ultimate goal, whether is laying on a deserted beach in the OSA Peninsula or trying to catch a glimpse of the Quetzal in Monteverde. Ultimately our clients’ feedback is what makes us stand out and makes me push forward in offering even greater wealth of places and new products available in Costa Rica. This a brief paragraph of what really pays off when our clients return: With his experience and commitment to assuring our clients the ultimate trip to our unique country, he welcome those looking to get away from life’s pressures and enjoy a little relaxing indulgence in our beautiful Costa Rica.


Armando Diaz

Armando Díaz has been working in the tourism industry for more than 20 years. He has worked in hotels, travel agencies and passenger cruise ships traveling the entire Caribbean, the North American Atlantic and Pacific coasts, Hawaii, Alaska and some countries in Europe. He says he feels blessed to work in tourism, as it is “one of the best jobs in the world” where you learn about a lot of places, people, and make a lot of friends. One of his favorite parts of his job is receiving an e-mail, a call or a post card from a client saying how wonderful their vacation was. This makes him feel really happy for them. When asked what were his favorite places in Costa Rica he replied Monteverde, the south Caribbean (beautiful beaches and the region’s food is delicious), and the Osa Peninsula in the southern Pacific. The latter he described as “one of the greatest treasures of Costa Rica, real jungle, lots of wildlife, beautiful pristine beaches”. We couldn’t agree more.

Armando Diaz

Daisy Matarrita

Daisy Matarrita has been working in the tourism industry for almost 12 years on different fields such as operations, logistics, sales, incentives and more.

Her dad, is a senior tour guide, very well known in Costa Rica, was his guidance and inspiration to get involved with tourism. That’s where the adventure began!

One of the things she enjoys the most when working is getting to know her clients and have a personal contact with them. “There is nothing like receiving compliments after the trip you put together…. That’s when you feel everything was well worth it”

Her favorite place in Costa Rica is the Southern Caribbean Coast- Puerto Viejo de Limon- as she spent part of her childhood there. “The people, the food and the pristine beaches can be found everywhere in Costa Rica, but the Caribbean Coast has a special meaning for me.”.

Her hobbies are reading (a pretty active reader), running, spending time with friends & family and exploring new places in the country.

Daisy Matarrita

Paula Mata

Paula is Costa Rican and loves her country! She has been working in the tourism industry for 14 years. She says her family is her support system and motivation. She loves to travel in order to have new experiences, learn about different cultures and enjoy the local food. Her pastimes include listening some music, hiking and exploring new places in the country.   Her favorite place in Costa Rica is Tamarindo beach. She says, there is nothing better like receiving compliments about a trip of her clients.


Alonso Espeleta

Alonso was born and raised in San José, Costa Rica. He has over 7 years of experience working in the tourism industry, mainly as an International Sales Executive, but also in other fields such as tour desks, naturalist guiding, gastronomy and surf instructor. He´s also a professional in Business Administration, graduated from the University of Costa Rica, and having some business studies at San Diego State University in California, USA. After almost 3 years living in the beautiful beach town of Santa Teresa in the Nicoya Peninsula, where he worked and part owned a local tour operator, he returned back to San José with his girlfriend and newborn baby girl Alana. He loves working in the tourism industry, as it is as he mentions a great opportunity to directly help in the conservation of the National Parks and other natural treasures of our beautiful green country.  During his free time he loves to spend time with his family, travel, visit the beautiful beaches and forests of Costa Rica, and do sports like Surfing, Hiking, Spearfishing and Swimming. He´s also an avid musician, playing the violin and guitar since a very young age, and spends most of his free time playing with 2 big national bands (reggae, ska and rock genres), and playing small acoustic shows by himself around San José and other local beach towns.



Clara Blanco

Clara has been working in tourism in Costa Rica since 1989. She has worked in hotel reservations, worked in supplies, and operated a small lodge in the rural community of New Arenal where she lived for three years. Her pastimes include reading (especially about Costa Rica), listening to all types of music, hiking, and bird watching. (She maintains the office birdfeeder stocked with bananas). Her two favorite places in Costa Rica are the wilderness canals and coastal forests of Tortuguero National Park; and the Arenal area because of its beautiful mountains, forests, rivers, waterfalls, hot springs, lake and active volcano Arenal.

Clara Blanco

Karol Jimenez

Karol grew up near coffee fields in the town of Tres Rios, and is theeldest of seven siblings. Both she and her husband work in the tourism industry here. She feels very privileged to live in Costa Rica, because of its abundance of incredible natural beauty. When asked what her favorite place is in the country, she felt hard put to decide because of all the fascinating places there are, but indicated that she is particularly fond of the remote Golfo Dulce area near Corcovado National Park. “It is amazing what the area offers; beaches, ocean and rainforests in one place, and wildlife such as sloths, snakes, sea turtles, dolphins, incredible numbers of birds, and much more. It is a special, magical place where I always want to return.”

karol Jimenez


Marcela Suárez

Marcela has always worked in tourism. She has worked in hotels, reservations, transportation, and airlines. This experience has allowed her to meet many people, have great friends, and learn a lot about people, places and the operation of each of these different but related businesses. Of all her favorite places the one she would recommend is Arenal. She says it is one of the most romantic and heavenly places in Costa Rica. She loves people and participating in children´s parties. She likes to spend her time with her son Fabio, and he likes to spend time with her too, despite the fact that he is already a teenager.



Carmen Bruni

Carmen is from El Salvador and has been living in Costa Rica for about 6 years. She loves travel with her family, learn about other cultures, try new flavors and discover with new places. That’s how she fell in love with Costa Rica. Her favorite place is the beach, any beach as long she can swim there. Her hobbies are reading and dancing. She thinks that the best part of Costa Rica are the Ticos, and their love for their country.


Leo Chaves

A former tour leader for more than 25 years, Leo now spends much of his time overseeing tasks in the Operations department. His travels outside Costa Rica include several countries in North, Central and South America and Europe. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, playing the guitar and photography.


Alexis Olsen

Alexis has worked for 9 years in tourism, he is married and has 3 children. His pastimes include reading biographies of interesting people, playing chess, preparing and eating sushi and Japanese cuisine, playing soccer and baseball. He enjoys spending most of his free time in the company of his wife and children.


Michael Alfaro

Michael was born in Barranca town near Puntarenas province, where he developed as a kid and early love for the beaches in the Costa Rican pacific coast. Now lives in the town of Tres Rios near Cartago province in the Central Valley. He has been working in the tourism industry for 14 years on different fields, such as guiding, front desks and operations departments. Over the years he has visited the United States, Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Panama, Colombia, Austria, France, Czech Republic, Spain, Italy and Greece among others countries. Within Costa Rica his favorite place to visit is OSA and its beautiful beaches in the south Pacific In his free time he enjoys driving his motorcycle, going to the beach ant takes walks in the forest with his wife Marcia.



Dalia Aguilar

Dalia works quietly and diligently in the accounting office. She enjoys working in tourism, because it gives her the opportunity to learn about and travel to interesting places in Costa Rica. In her spare time she enjoys a good movie of terror and suspense, but most of her free time she dedicates to her daughter and to teaching a student with learning difficulties. Her favorite place in Costa Rica is Monteverde, which she loves.

Dalia Aguilar


Alexander Arias

Originally educated as a computer scientist, Alex’s love for the outdoors eventually took him into his current career as a professional naturalist guide and wildlife photographer. Since 1995, he has been leading nature and photography tours to the natural heritage of Costa Rica. In his free time, he can be found birding, biking, kayaking, exploring new trails or rappelling down waterfalls, or capturing and processing wildlife images. Alex is also involved with various conservation projects in Costa Rica, improving restorations of land following unsustainable farming practices. He lives with his family in Cartago Province.

Alex Arias

Esteban Rodríguez

Esteban lives in the mountain community of San Pedro de Poás de Alajuela, which he points out is below the flanks of an active volcano with one of the biggest craters in the world! In his ten years working in tourism in Costa Rica, he has grown to appreciate the incredible natural beauty this nation offers. In his spare time he enjoys a good “pickup” soccer game, and whenever possible, to take a trip out into the countryside to enjoy seeing the incredible Costa Rican flora and fauna.



Marta Pérez

Marta is a person who considers it is very important to work hard, be responsible, and to have open communications with everyone around her. She has three children. She has traveled to Colombia and visited San Andres and Baranquilla, and to Mexico which she enjoyed very much. In her free time she enjoys helping others who need it, and for this reason she works as a volunteer in a hospital.

Marta Pérez